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finally more music...another band

Chris Connelly
Yes, the one and only Mr Connelly! Hint: The Bells, The Damage Manual, Revolting Cocks, Ministry....yes the list goes on and on.

The Dishes
Kickass women, who rock!

Our pals from Detroit, MI.

Specimen Products
The man makes, and fixes guitars, bass', all kinds of things. Creates sculpture, etc.... Not to mention founder of Falstaff

The Foundation For Asian American Independent Media (FAAIM) a non-for-profit arts organization.


Carrottop Official Distributor of Sweeder
Midheaven Official Distributor of Sweeder
Southern - UK European Distributor of Sweeder

Labels / Booking

Monitor Records
Our Label - where you can Mail Order Swallowed by the Sun and find music by our label mates JEFF MUELLER, EVERLASTING THE WAY, INK, THE OXES, EIFFEL TOWER

Perishable Records
Our friend's label - find info on CALIFONE, HIM, ORSO, DRUMHEAD, RED RED MEAT, SIN ROPAS, THE FIRE SHOW, plus lots more stuff.

Thrilljockey Records
Label extordinare!

Our Booking Agency


Empty Bottle
Lounge Ax

Magazines / Webcasts / Music Related Sites / Retailers

adequacy Music Reviews, home of first Sweeder - record review, plus more.
Digital Club Network Live webcasts, lots of band info and links.
epitonic Download Music, Buy Records, Music Reviews.
hardroad Bands, video of performances, Sweeder review.
insound BUY SWEEDER HERE - Music Reviews, Art, online CD store, Gallery, Video, all around lots of stuff.
fakejazz Webzine, Music Reviews.
pitchforkmedia Great site for music reviews.
splendidezine Webzine, Music Reviews.
supersphere Music site, Video of Live Performances, much more.

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WHPK - University of Chicago - 88.5 FM
WXRT - Radio Chicago - 93 FM

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