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Swallowed by the Sun Moon (5.3MB/5:50 min.)
Thread & Wire (4.1MB/4:26 min.)
All I Can Be
Remember Lovely
Sfity (mp3)
Bells Lament (mp3) (6.6MB/7:24 min.)

NEW - Silly/Rainbow - Single by SQUASH BLOSSOM - MP3

A warning this mp3 is pretty large (6.7MB). Hopefully you have some good connectivity. Unfortunately, the only existing cd copy has no space in between the two songs so, it's just huge in size.

This is an exciting day. Really! This is one my favorite Squash Blossom recordings. Finally, it has a chance to be heard. This was recorded at The Playground, and partially mixed at Kingsize studio, in 1996. Brian Deck at the helm once again.

  • Click here for Silly and Rainbow
  • Chiyoko Yoshida: guitar, vocals
  • Jeff Carleton: guitar, vocals, keyboards.
  • Kim Ambriz: drums (famous for her latest musical endeavor Bees are Black as well as The Bells, formerly of The Dishes, ahh too many!)
  • John Barelli: Bass (please forgive me if this is not spelled correctly - I really can´t figure it out now....)

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