11.30.00 - NewCity - Sweeder - by James Porter

All though the sound of Sweeder borders on the ethereal, the accent is squarely on the "real". There is nothing wispy or precious about "Swallowed By the Sun", the band´s new CD. The drums are extremely aggressive, and the dense guitar textures remind me of Television, and the quartet of art-rockin´ punks from the seventies New York scene. There are a few uptempo blasts that serve as a respite from the downtempo songs, but in general, no relief is needed, the simmering tension of this whole albums hangs together well. After a stint as a quartet, Sweeder is down to three members in a basic rock trio format (fuitar/bass/drums), although other instuments are overdubbed when necessary (the textures of Jeff Carleton´s keyboards are a highlight). Besides, how many other albums can you think of, in any genre, featuring "slidy guitar?"

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contact sweeder by mail: Sweeder . 1658 N. Milwaukee Ave . PMB 151 . Chicago . IL . 60647