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Textured would be a safe description of Sweeder. Everything about the band has been honed to a definitive piece of art, and each of these pieces has been carefully crafted into the aptly-titled bigger picture that is Swallowed By the Sun. Jeff and Chiyoko´s gender-clashing vocals are the driving force behind Sweeder, as they provide intricate melodies that lift the already entertaining incorporation of minimalist rock, post-modern bachelor pad eccentricities and placid string accompaniment to the ultimate level. Caught somewhere in between sugary pop and introverted shoegazer swaying, you're sure to hear something aurally attractive here. An occasional vocal chord tries the ears as it misses its intended target, but there´s no doubting its genuineness. Sweeder´s lush musical bliss and invisible glowing warmth will have this CD sculpting your evenings well into the winter.

contact sweeder by email: [email protected]

contact sweeder by mail: Sweeder . 1658 N. Milwaukee Ave . PMB 151 . Chicago . IL . 60647