03.30.00 - New City: James Porter

Sweeder´s bio compares them to Low another rock band with similar downtempo bent. The main difference is that the combined vocals of Sweeder drummer Chiyoko Yoshida and guitarist Jeff Carleton sound uplifting compared to the other band. I seldom expect anything that could be described as "ethereal" to sound good, but Sweeder is a prime exception, with a tenderness equal to the third self-titled Velvet Underground LP (with "Pale Blue Eyes"). Keep in mind that I said "equal to", not "just like", as comparing anyone to the sainted Velvets is tall order. However, if the choral vocals on "Thread & Wire" are any indication, their upcoming album is worth investigating. Besides, the subtle echo on Jeff Carleton´s guitar slays me.

contact sweeder by email: [email protected]

contact sweeder by mail: Sweeder . 1658 N. Milwaukee Ave . PMB 151 . Chicago . IL . 60647