12.01.00 - Metromix - Demo Listen by: Lisa Phillips

"4 songs"

Sound and style: Haven´t we spent the latter half of the ´90s lost in a fog of dark, low wailing over wavering guitars? Why not make like everyone else and forget yer troubles, c´mon, get happy! Shouldn´t Sweeder be playing alt-country these days? But wait. Though Sweeder wins the prize for the most low-tech, low-maintenance packaging, and they never got around to naming any of the 4 songs on their demo, there is quality in the music. After a slow start, the voices of Chiyoko Yoshida and Jeff Carlton come sweeping in on the second track, which is adorned with nice, rising symphonic effects courtesy of Julie Liu´s viola and Carlton´s keyboards. The third track (hear sample at right) has some fun with sound levels, distortion and Yoshida´s echoing voice. Finally, the last track begins at a deceptively slow pace before tearing into some heavy-handed guitar and beautifully melodic keyboard work.

Recording quality: Excellent. Recorded at Clava Studios with Brian Deck.

Bottom line: Sweeder had a show at Lounge Ax on the day I started this review, and if I´d had the chance to hear this demo a few times before then, I would have gone.

contact sweeder by email: [email protected]

contact sweeder by mail: Sweeder . 1658 N. Milwaukee Ave . PMB 151 . Chicago . IL . 60647