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Sweeder - Chicken Shack - East Lansing - photo by Jon Weins
Sweeder - Chicken Shack - East Lansing - photo by Jon Weins

News: 05.03.01

We had a fantastic weekend out of town. First off the Detroit Contemporary is a really great gallery (in Detroit) and is a really great change of atmosphere. Kind of makes you want to never play in a stinky bar again... but not entirely. Some people came out and had a good time, especially the Americans who played a great set. I knew the weekend would be good when a lone pheasant made it´s handsome way through the alley behind the venue. We never see pheasants in Chicago just a wandering. Gotta luv that.

We were in great company with the most gracious host. So, here are many public thanks... and slobbery kisses to Jon Weins (bassist of showshane) for taking on Sweeder´s ridiculous need to sleep and be escorted to the MALL. We almost lost Julie in the largest (penis shaped) mall I´ve ever seen. Somewhere in or near Pontiac, MI. I really can´t recall the name but it was huge! I didn´t buy anything.

Then we followed our SHOWSHANE friends to East Lansing. Arriving to find the home of some generous students, who call their place the Chicken Shack. This is a house, there was a basement and that´s where we played the punkest sweeder show to date. Purely in atmospheric aesthetic that is. (we´re so not punk) The people made the place all cozy. Showshane played yet another great set... that´s two in a row for me seeing them. Plus, we heard a couple a tracks off their debut CD (due out sometime), which were really great as well. I´m not going to attempt any description of music... no way. I can´t do it.

Super thanks to Greg (aka Lull Tucker) from A THOUSAND TIMES YES for taking the time and energy to put this show together. I´m so glad it happened, these guys/gals were rockin´ it right all night and their so goddamn cute too! Not to mention generous, kind, can i go on yes but i won´t. I have one hot CD of theirs fresh off the burner and I´ve yet to hear all of it but the few songs I have heard were a total treat.

The evening went late and the kids got drunk. A couple a guys were trying to kiss everyone. Someone tried to get inside my bass drum case (he was helping) and eventually we barrelled out of town with all eyes set to the road and taking in a lot of great music. Funnily, after getting out of town, someone called us... yes on the cell phone, from the chicken shack. We´d left a guitar. So back to East Lansing we went. Finally, at about 6:45 AM we hit home and got to bed. That ended our mini-tour to the great state of Michigan.

It felt, smelled and tasted like a tour. Lot´s of driving, eating crappy food, drinking, music, and not much sleep. Lot´s of love to all the new friends in East Lansing and Detroit. We´ll definitely be back. There must be something about Michigan cause everyone has been so nice to us. Ok, well that´s what happened to us this weekend. Hope everyone else enjoyed the fine weather.

xo Chiyoko (and the sweeder crew)

Up and Coming:
05.10.01 [thu] - Julie plays a show w/ her other band Sur La Mere - will post venue asap.
05.11.01 [fri] - Sweeder plays in Minneapolis at the 400 BAR.
05.26.01 [sat] - Chiyoko (the band) plays their first gig at The Hideout - www.chiyoko.net
07.11.01 [wed] - Sweeder will perform at the The Old Town School of Folk Music as part of the RISING: Asian American Sounds Music Series

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