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Sweeder´s goin to Michigan....
sweeder - detroit - 04.27.01 Sweeder will be playing in Detroit, MI on Friday April 27th with THE AMERICANS at the Detroit Contemporary Gallery
Sweeder - 04.28.01 - East Lansing The following night (04.28.01) Sweeder will play in East Lansing at The Chicken Shack with A THOUSAND TIMES YES and SHOWSHANE

Also coming up in May Sweeder will be going to Minneapolis, MN. to play a show at the 400 BAR with IFFY on the 11th. We were hoping to pass through Madison or Milwaukee along the way but as of yet it´s hard to find a place to play. Feel free to email us info if you have any.

I´m performing with my new band CHIYOKO on May 26th at the Hideout. This is the second ever show for CHIYOKO where I play guitar/sing, Ted Cho on guitar, Adam Vida on drums, Ben Taylor on Bass, and Julie liu on Viola. This is a first gig for this lineup. Chiyoko and Brian Deck recorded a demo over the years, which is the basis for the new bands set. You can find a free MP3 of one of the demo tracks at www.chiyoko.net, which is a site I´m trying to get all fancied up one of these days.

GIG REPORT: Once again the hideout proves to be just one of the most comfortable/comforting venues ever. We thouroughly enjoyed sharing the bill with such fine acts as Can Ky Ree, and the collaboration of Jenny, Amy (Tsunami) and the fabulous Mark Greenberg (Archer Prewitt, Cocktails). Thanks for making it out to all the humans who made it!

And that´s the official skinny for Sweeder right now. Signing off....... xo Chiyoko