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News: 03.30.01

There are new mp3s in our hear section, off of Swallowed by the Sun. Actually, all this time our mp3s were from an umastered version of the record so all four mp3s are new and improved.

We´re basically booked in Detroit for April 27th at the Detroit Contemporary Gallery with a band called THE AMERICANS. This is what I´ve been told anyway. We´re also looking into playing in East Lansing with the help of our friends Showshane and their friends A Thousand Times Yes. This is all mildy up in the air but things are coming together for a weekend out of Chicago.

We also have an almost confirmed (what does that mean?) date in Minneapolis at the 400 Bar, I´m told with a band called IFFY. So, this is also looking good too.

And let us not forget tonight! Yep, we´re playing this evening at the hideout.... so see you there! xo Chiyoko

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