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News: 12.04.00

Really, we´re very sorry that we´ve been out of touch. Last month was just crazy indeed. We had a great show at Schuba´s. We have another show coming up at Schuba´s on Friday, December 29th. Yes... I know finally a weekend show in town. I hope you all come out for the last Y2K gig. Unfortunately, Greg will be on tour with the Fireshow (playing bass), so he won´t be joining us on this night. We are looking forward to the show cause (A) we´re playing with Califone 8) and (B) we´re doing a set of new material, more acoustic and alternate instrumentation.

Please keep your eyes out for new pics. We have them just need to get them formatted for the web. So, if you´re interested in these things come back soon. That´s all for now....signing out for now. - Chiyoko

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