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News: 10.31.00

I´ve been so nuts since I got back but now I´m finally getting around to this.

Bad news...yep before I can let you read about the tour I have to fill you in on some news. Our apartment was robbed on Sunday and I´m sad to report that Jeff´s Les Paul was stolen. He´s super upset and we´re just wondering how we´re ever going to replace it. He´s had that guitar since April of 1995 and as sure as anyone´s, it´s been through a lot with him. 8 (

I went to see my boyfriend´s show at the Double Door the other night and it was truly fantastic! So much so that I have to tell the world. The Damage Manual are awesome!!!! On another note of musical fanaticism, I´m 100% in official love with Kid A. I really am having problems with it running through my head. I´m tempted to listen to that record....all the time. I also have a complete crush on Thom York´s voice. Confession time over....I´ve purged.

Ok so here´s what I wrote the other day about tour.....THE TOUR:

Alas, I drag myself to work still sleepy from our tour. Here goes my best and briefest road story.

We had a great tour even on nights when there were only two people in the audience... you know who you are and you are greatly appreciated.

Our first show was at Bradley University in Peoria, IL. We were so kindly asked by Amber Cappel of the University booking committee to play out there. It was kind of a strange environment to play in. It was in some kind of large, corporate-like /speech hall. Fit with grey industrial carpeting and a kind of porta stage that one might find at a trade show or something.

This show went great. The kids out at Bradley are an awesome bunch. They really came forward and checked out the music. I cannot express how much this impresses me. You would be surprised at how many people live and breathe the music "scene" but actually never pay attention.....but I will not get started on that. There was also this great character in attendance and performing between sets. His name, I can´t remember. He played ambient , keyboard and organ through a leslie cabinet. This diffused the stuffy atmosphere of the physical space. We asked him if he had composed the music. He replied "actually it just basically came out of my ass". Cheers to his "ass music". It was great.

We did a little interview on the college station called "the edge". The guys over there were pretty fun to hang with. They were nice to us, even though we were fairly boring... : ). Sorry, for no insane rock stories......maybe we´ll have some next time, I guess we´ll have to leave that up to the "rock stars".

Then we headed to Kalamazoo. Here we played at Harvey´s on the Mall and got to know the kind folks from Monoglot just a little bit better. I tell you it was great to see familiar faces where there were once only strangers. This touring bit is starting to feel a little more warm and fuzzy. The show was pretty good, though I have to think that our first show at (now defunct) Stark Industries was better.

I would like to thank promoter Matt Dorbin and his girlfriend Michelle for kindly providing us with shelter and kitties that night. Plus, they gave us a small but fun jaunt around Kalamazoo. More new pals and friends.

From Kalamazoo we made our way to Detroit. I have to admit now that Detroit is kind-of a scary town. So we arrive and make our way to the Gold Dollar, here we played with a great band called Showshane. While they made up the audience along with the two other patrons we had one of our better shows for this tour. Too bad it was a slow night. The evening was topped off, almost to perfection IMHO, when the club owner blasted "Dream Weaver" while we loaded out. Here we crashed at Jon´s (bassist of Showshane´s) place. So great warm thankyous from us to him.

I now publicly admit to absolutely adoring "Dream Weaver". God it reminds me of being a little kid. Confession over..........(and you thought I´d finished confessing)

The next day was Jeff´s birthday and we spent a good 11 hours or so getting to NYC. New York was REALLY fun!!! We arrived and stayed with Julie´s pal Enis (of The Letter E). He was soooo kind to put us up. We managed to get out for a drink to celebrate Jeff´s B-day and it was great to wander around Williamsburg, Brooklyn. That neighborhood feels pretty homey, for me a native of Chicago.

The following night we played a great set at this club called Tonic. I highly recommend this place. It was (sorry to be generic) "most excellent". Oh and we caught the sweeder graffiti in the jon. Thanks for the kind words... : ) The bartender kicked ass. As usual I drank a little too much and got super tired.

We bummed around New York the next day and made our way to Philly. Ah....Philly! I just have to say that this place really gives us a hard time. It was hard to get there, hard to find the venue and hard to get out. I ended up driving till 5:30am after the gig. In my opinion, this was the worst show...while Greg thought it was great. Hmmm...never can get a handle on it now can you? To each his own.....sigh.

After catching a shred of sleep we hussled our way back to New York state and ultimately the Bug Jar in Rochester. We had a pretty good show on this night. The club was super comfortable and there´s a great Vietnamese place across the road. Kind of a strange crowd that night but we managed to find shelter at probably the nicest guy-on-the-planet´s house.... Hats off to you Steve! Thanks for all your help.

The last show was in Pittsburgh, PA at Carnagie Mellon. This show was pretty insane. Lots of kids setting up the stage in the auditorium. I really couldn´t quite believe the fuss but they did a great job miking my entire kit, and the lights were just fine. It was a bit of a sterile show for us, though I think we played pretty well. Most folks came out to see Bratmobile and I totally know why...now. They were awesome. That Alison from Bratmobile rocks my world. I haven´t had that much fun in a while. These girls put on a show, and I´m all over it. Seriously wishing I was more punk rock, ahh.... but what can I do. If there´s one thing I can´t do is fake it.

The last band that night was Versus, whom I had also never seen before. I´m a true fan. We had to hit the road before their set was over and it was really a drag. They were one of the bands I really wanted to see. Next time I guess, they´re on tour, go see them! This was a great show. Hope everyone else out there had as good a time as I.

So that´s the wrap. I write too much don´t I, oh well..... that´s all for now.

Happy Halloween!

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