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News: 09.08.00

FIRST AND FOREMOST - Chiyoko´s solo gig tonight has been cancelled. The Morseland was forced to close it´s doors today by the Health Department. So, don´t go there......

We want to remind you that you can buy the cd at insound. There´s some new press. The kind people at epitonic have added Sweeder to their site and pitchforkmedia have written and featured a review.

FINALLY.... Man, I´ve been procastinating long enough. I finally made an mp3 of the last Squash Blossom recording. It was originally intended to be released by Squash Blossom in 1996 as a single, that never happened. Even though we had a demo, a single, and full length album of studio work recorded, we only released one single (she - limited pressing of only 1000 copies on clear vinyl). We were on about a billion compilations but that´s it.

Unfortunately, the only existing cd has no space in between the two tracks so I was forced to make this huge mp3 of them both combined. Go to our hear page to check it out. Well worth it. I swear. I think this is going to be it! The first and final way to release this, in digital format via mp3 and the web, ala sweeder.com. A warning though, that I think a smidge of the beginning of Silly (first song) got cut off when encoding. I´m so darn excited to have this up, and so short on time, I´m just going to get it up there now and fix it up later. We´ll also eventually get up an entire history page for Squash Blossom, and rightly so. While we never got "signed" and all that, we did do a lot (a once vivid trail of blood, sweat and tears) of work and it´s definitely worth it to check it out. So, if you have some fast internet connectivity, go for the new SILLY / RAINBOW mp3. That´s all for now!

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